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Thank you, Alan Naiman - you are a frugally generous shining star

How does a banker turned Washington social worker make a difference in the world? Thank you, Alan Naiman, for showing us a very philanthropic and beautiful way.

Sadly, Alan passed away last January at age 63. By all accounts, he led a very frugal life, wearing shoes held together by duct tape and buying clothes at the grocery store. At the time of his passing he had amassed an estate of $11 Million through frugal living and a family inheritance. Several charities serving poor, needy, and disabled children found themselves beneficiaries of large and unexpected donations. Per Alan's friend, Shashi Karan, in an interview with NPR, "He left it all to charities - mostly to kids, the section of society that couldn't really help themselves."

Alan's generosity of spirit and philanthropy are an enduring inspiration to us all. He connected to the child causes he cared about in his lifetime and ensured that they would receive his support after his passing, choosing a modest lifestyle so that his estate could help bring about beautiful futures for children who desperately need support.

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